Another Surprise


Actually dapat kahapon pa this post but I forgot. Little flaunting lang, an entry about the gift from my bestfriend.  We’ve been bff’s since the 90’s and we’re going strong pa rin for the past 20+ years. Walang nagbabago, weight lang namin. #secretjubisim.

We also shared jargons, very very funny ones.


Anyway, so, kasi we are talking about this raffle topic and how I said that I am very unlucky when it comes to raffle and stuff, maybe the stars are not really aligned for me to be lucky sa mga raffles but this bebi super kabaligtaran ko. Eh, so she enumerated the stuff that she got from all these raffles and a speaker is present.



Eh since it came from a raffle, I didn’t think twice to ask it from her. Kapal mukha ko e and she agreed rin naman then yun pala si bruha, she purchased brand new one then shipped it to my address. Mygod, actually I knew about this since she sent a screenshot of the item but of course, I am surprised I really don’t know if I deserve this but then I got the speaker so maybe I deserve this huhuhu *insert never ending thankful cries*





Thank you, bebi. I will use it well.  Mwah Mwah





I was searching about this Anatomy book awhile ago since I wanted to have an advanced reading (about it) but I ended up reading my old blog posts on this platform. The blog is up and running for almost 12 years now and the last post was 2008.

I cannot believe I still have access with the blog. I just hope my old tumblr blog can be the same but sad to say, until now, I don’t have access in it. I am just waiting for tumblr to delete my blog (ahhhhhh this is so heartbreaking I need to prepare for this kind of shit).

I wanted to share some of my 2008 post but I stopped myself. I’ve been so embarrass everytime I don’t want to add fuel to the fire. HAHAHAHHA


I hope everyone is healthy right now. Please always protect yourself and your family. Things are really hard right now but I know we can surpass this together. Don’t forget to wash your hands and sanitize.







I am officially enrolled earlier and will officially start classes on Aug. 24 –



I kinda.. I feel so down and ugly uhm no, uglier today.

I’m quite a happy person and optimistic too but there will always be day(s) like this.

(that’s why I LOL-ed after taking the personality test bec I’m suddenly introverted. Anyway, actually I think I can categorize myself under Ambivert? ugh whatever I wanna write more but I really feel so ugly and I’m regretting a lot of things…. so bye)


A little update

Regarding metal stamping


Hi self, I think everyone including you waited for you and here it is. HAHAH I’m proud of you because you’ll do everything and anything to become a better human being.




So, I’ve read my first ever metal stamping post earlier and I cannot help but laughed. How could I use a stainless metal sheet with my impressart materials? I am so dumb, really.


  1. I don’t have metal sheets
  2. I don’t have new set of stamps. I think the old ones are rusting already but still I can use it if I clean them.
  3. I don’t have time and I don’t have any plans of returning (as of now)


If ever I decided to go back maybe I’ll cater animal tags and some specific size and types of metal keychains only. I will not accept stamp request or sumn.

I even made a blog for it. I planned on blogging about my stamping journey too https://craftpotatophblog.wordpress.com/ but I guess things just turned 360 degrees or so.


What I wanna say is that, I improved. ALOT. (You will read a post below this entry by clicking my category and you will see that I really improved and somehow become one of metal stampers out there.





From 86


Almost year ago, I weighed around 85 – 86 kgs, can you believe that I am heavier than my dad (I think he’s around 82kgs that time). Idk life is so good, so many food and so many time to take naps in between


I weighed myself again and right now, I’m 75kgs (at best, I weighed before taking a bath this morning. Well of course before having breakfast. They said that it’s the best time to weigh yourself) the last time I weigh myself I was around 77-78kgs but now I ended up at 75kgs and I want to lose more TT_TT my semi-goal is down to 70kgs.


Can you even imagine in a span of almost a year? 11kgs lost? For someone who’s not discipline and cannot motivate herself?? THIS IS TOO CRAZY BUT I LOVE IT




This entry is such a filler. Happy July. Let’s all pray, for the whole world to heal