After 6 years

I finally changed my handphone after 6 frigging years. I cannot believe I really took good care of my LG G2 Mini all these years. Can you even imagine that this tiny thing has been keeping up with me and my Gemini personality for these past 6 years? Humans around me could only wish. HAHAH kidding~


If you know me very well, I’m not the type of person who goes out yearly to change hand phone. I’m the type of person that will stick with the device as long as it’s still (can) execute the functions that I really needed, and, LG G2 Mini has been the bomb all along. October 2014 when I bought this phone with my Christmas bonus (HAHAH) and it has been with me since Yesterday (September 2019).

I’m being too emotional to let it go but I know it needs to retire. Maybe this hand phone knows everything about me through that short time. I will be forever thankful for working hard with me.

You’ve been nothing but great~

PS. I cannot believe I really took care of this device for 6 years. Maybe I’m that kind too no? You think so? Yes. Thank you~


HAPPY OCTOBER ALSO, everyone. I hope this month will bring more positivity and happiness to you and everything, everyone around you.

It’s Kim Hanbin’s month, please, higher power, let his name be cleared before his birthday and bring him nothing but happiness and success after because he and his brothers deserve so much more.




Can I really greet you a HAPPY 4th Birthday? It has been a tough years I know and lately, the most unexpected things happened that are somehow beyond our control. I wanna protect you so bad but in reality, I’m useless when it comes to it.

I just want for you guys to be free and happy, together, writing songs together, singing in one stage together while I am there in the audience cheering for you even if you will not really hear my voice.

I just want you to know that I am always here and I will never give up on you even if you feel like giving up. Even if in the future, you will not be singers anymore and will start a normal life, I will still be here praying for your happiness because you made me so happy. There’s no such thing as forever, but there’s such thing as for a long time, and my love and support, for you, iKON will be for a long time.

In flowery or rocky road, I’ll walk with you.

Please remember that I am still here, cheering for you.

Happy 4th birthday my loves.



Some of my things are on halt.

I cannot believe I have like, 4 pending stories right now. I’ve been writing a new one but then I stopped in a middle because I want to write another and stopped again to write another. My ideas and scenarios are overflowing that it does not compliment what I’m currently writing so I need to start another story for another scenario

That’s why I ended up with 4 unfinished stories. This is the first time since I started writing yeaaars ago.  Maybe I don’t have that much of an inspiration

But I used to write a whole novel just by listening to one song

Now, I can’t do that anymore

Maybe my creative juices are starting to like, getting dry or something I don’t know the exact term for it





Merry Christmas Philippines!

First wave of BER months is here. I’m excited for the cold weather. I hope mas matagal yung cold weather this year, the type na I will wear jacket while doing the laundry. HAHAHA kakatawa but I love that, just like in 2007 ata yon or 2008. Damn, I can’t forget, I really love cold weather.

I have nothing much these past few days aka AUGUST month just busy ranting on Twitter about iKON and Hanbin and Moment of Eighteen Korean Drama and Ong Seungwoo


It has been 80+ days without Hanbin in our lives. I just hope he is living well and eating healthy food and conditioning himself, preparing for the battle that he will face. I know this time is so hard to both of us, fans, the remaining ikons and for him but I know this too shall pass. We’ve been through hell these past years and this is just another test of trust and love. It’s hard being an iKONIC, you’ll never get a worry-free fangirl moments but everything is worth it and I’m telling you, it will always be worth it. Because it’s iKON



I’m watching Korean Dramas again after that 06/12 Hanbin incident and I’m glad I’m starting off with Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung and Moment of Eighteen. Maybe Fantagio boys (Astro’s Eunwoo and Moonbin and Ong Seungwoo) are slowly capturing my heart too. Buuut, it’s weird because I know they’re idols too but I like them more as actors. I mean, I got to know them through acting (or maybe I’m just too focused on iKON, because once you iKON, it seems like you can’t stan another group because iKON set the bar too high, no one can replace their place hhahaha)


*Hwang Ro-mi as me and my heart whenever I see Ong Seungwoo*

I’m an iKONIC and a WELO now. I stan Ong Seungwoo now, I stan him alone. I know he’s from WANNAONE, I heard about him before but don’t really give much attention and time to know about him and his group (I only know Kang Daniel really and I stopped watching survival shows because it can really affect me big time, the last survival show I watched was of course, Mix and Match – Okay, that’s too much information HAHAHAH)

I stan Ong Seungwoo now, it’s iKON and Ong Seungwoo for me now. I’m an iKONIC and a WELO now :3

Still, I cannot seem to stan another group, I tried, really but naah, iKON still is the best for me.














I knew it, from the start of this post, I knew that I’m gonna talk about my fangirl life. HAHAHAH that life of me is much more interesting than my in real life journey, I guess

Ah, also, I’m doing something now but I cannot broadcast this yet since I cannot see any progress for it. I’ll update you with complete deets in the future. But for now, I’ll just keep that “doing something” to myself. Hoping for the best, as always





I miss school suddenly, this is the time where we’ll be wearing our National Attire (hahaha why this sound so funny) and I’ll be still rocking the ultimate saya of all time (I think I use that green saya for about 4 years? I wore hello kitty saya during elem days kasi)

Anyway, I’ve been doing something lately and I’m currently at day 41. I really wanted to post something about it so the whole world would know but I really want to surprise everyone and I hope this time, I’ll make it. I’ve been trying hard for the past years, I just hope I will not stop in the middle while doing so, it’s hard to start again and hate yourself again hahahahah whoo~

AND it has been almost 2 months without uri leader, Kim Hanbin. Fudge, I really can’t believe this is happening right now, I have never signed up for this shit and I want to really quit being a fangirl but this his Kim Hanbin and iKON. I’ve been with these boys since 2014 and I know how strong their brotherhood is. They have this power of making you feel like you’ve known them personally since childhood because they’re this transparent to us. This is never giving up ikon, we will do our best everyday while waiting for the time where we can walk on a flowery road again with seven of you.

xxxxxx this is a very random post, my mind is kinda scattered right now, I’m also watching 3 ongoing Korean Dramas as of the moment and this is the first time, because I always tend to wait for the drama to finish before watching but I really can’t stay up that late like before, the tita in me is aching every now and then and always asking for rest. HAHAHHA

b y e // stan iKON for clear skin